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Video: Power - Episode 1

In case you’ve been missing out, Starz premiered their new show Power a couple weeks ago.  It’s a prototypical tale of a drug kingpin named Ghost (Omari Hardwick) looking for a way out of the game with the opening of his new nightclub.  Of course, things don’t ever end up so simple in these kind of stories.  Also, his co-kingpin in crime Tommy (Joseph Sikora) looks a lot like Eminem, and that might not be a coincidence considering 50 Cent is an executive producer on the show, which you could easily tell from his music being littered across the soundtrack and his impending cameo.

This is the full first episode, clocked in at 58 minutes.and uncut.  All the sex, nudity and violence is intact so soak it all in.  

Power airs on Friday nights.



Cristiano Ronaldo - La evolución 1985-2014

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50 Cent